komodo / flores ACTIVITIES

Let yourself be taken away by our wonderful traditional Asian phinisi boat based in Komodo Island and experience the magnificence of sailing in a wild place in the middle of the ocean. A bunch of adventurous activities are waiting for you with a nature in all its glory.


The natural park of komodo is huge and composed of many small islands such as Rinca, Padar and dozens of bays, There are so many different kind of ideal diving sites that are simply the doors to a wonderful world full of exotic creatures and jaw-dropping natural beauties. Kelena adventure hosts three diving sessions per day per person, being able to satisfy all you diving enthusiasts.


The best way to admire this underwater paradise and to swim with turtles. But this is also the perfect place to follow Manta Rays in their natural habitat and meet curious giant fish.


Unique in the world, this pinkish sand would surprise you. This mix of white sand and little pieces of red corals brought by the waves is a magical gift from the mother nature. This unique color is formed naturally by pieces of red corals washed to the beach, ideal for an surreal Instagram photo.


Trekking is definitely one of the best thing to do in Komodo Islands to contemplate the natural beauty from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the sea. These breathtaking views would make you feel like all your efforts trekking to the top of the world are all worth it.



Let’s start the adventure by discovering unusual Fauna and Flora in the exotic Southeast Asia islands and meet for the first time of your life giant Komodo dragons. These 5700 giant lizards are living on these Volcanic islands and exist nowhere else in the world. The landscapes of Flores islands are their only habits, in which you would find plenty of exotic plants and animals. Your safety is ultra-most important to us, so you will be lead by an experienced guide to and he would show you all the hidden beauties on this island.


You’re going to be captivated by sunset bat ballet with a sky full of warm colors. At first sight, this surprising show could seems scary but it is not dangerous at all. These bats have a gentle nature and are harmless. Your guide would ensure your safety as well as ensuring you'll observe one of the most breathtaking scene in your life.



On the boat, you can find all kinds of food you want. Western, Indonesian and more, prepared to be pampered by our private chef. You will be able to order whatever your heart desires, and our professional chef would satisfy or even surprise your taste buds with the abundance of oriental spices. It would be a spiritual journey both for your mind and body. Having a detoxing fruit shake with chia seeds, energizes your body while also cleansing away all the toxic matters accumulated from taxing daily lives. These activities combined with food therapy would give your body and mind a fresh start to conquer the world.

Manta ray kelana boat

Allow yourself to be enchanted by swimming with Manta Rays. These benign creatures are the true gems of ocean. These manta rays normally appear in group and swimming with a school of manta rays is the most relaxing and transforming activity there is.



Living on a boat would make you feel free and relaxed, why don’t you add in some yoga too ? The tradition of doing yoga is well absorbed and manifested in Balinese way of living, the only Hindu majority island in whole Indonesia. Begin your day with some yoga practice on the deck, with some ancient Hindu meditation techniques, connecting corporeal body with the universe of spirituality.



Have a romantic dinner on the beach facing the magnificent sunset in our secret location. It will be THE most romantic thing in the world, with you and your beloved significant other under the star with no-one else around on an island in the middle of the ocean, sign me up please!



A private dinner with fire on the beach can be offered and suggested
to you during all your stay. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the illuminated boat in the middle of the sea.